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A fable of crime and ultimate redemption, ZOO introduced a cast of animals incarcerated in a human prison. By delving into their collective past, dreams and nightmares, we are reminded of our own animal natures, questioning whether evolution has led to elevation. 


Conceived and choreographed by Abby Bender.

Performed by Kenneth Lang, Marisa Gruneberg, Jackie Moynahan, Hilary Maia Grubb, Megan Demarkis, TraDon Turner, Janessa Olsen, Josie Carbone, Jessica Seeman, Tommy Wilkinson, Kate Kaminski, Marissa A. Schoenfeld, Cristiano Veracosa, Danielle Loustau-Williams, Carlo Fiorletta, Abby Bender, Rachael Vacharasovan, Yuka Ogata, Julia Peck, and Katie O'Neill.

Sets and costumes by Abby Bender, TraDon Turner and Ijeoma Iheanacho.

Lighting design by Brian Aldous.

Z O O 

Created and perfomed by Abby Bender

Premiered Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY - premiered May, 2006.

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