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May 21-23 and May 28-31 2021

Jesse Jason, Lisa Gross, and Abby Bender recently combined forces to develop ThRough, a traveling, outdoor collaborative dance theatre performance that reframed the isolation, anxiety, shame and all around stupor posed by events of 2020.  The trio embarked on this work as a way to fend off their own feelings of confinement. By connecting through movement and writing exercises, they attempted to transcend a collective crisis of meaning, acknowledging that their observations are through a lens of privilege. The resulting performance employed candor and jest in equal measure as it addressed a surreal reality the artists struggled to control.  A cast of eight women, led by its creators, performed the evening-length piece on the grounds of a private home in West Tisbury. The site was a unique location that both informed and supported the emotional territory traversed. ThRough was performed by Abby Bender, Lisa Gross, Laura Hall, Jesse Jason, Roberta Kirn, Susan Puciul, Kalyan Sayre, and Sandy Stone. Read the reviews HERE and HERE.

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