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t h e  g o l d i l o c k s  z o n e: m o r e  i s  m o r e

Created by Abby Bender and Richard Harrington. Premiered Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY - May, 2011

Bender confesses to feelings of alienation and obselecence as she struggles to manage the impact social media has on her sense of middle-aged self, only to be met by the perfect distraction, Harrington's delicious fascination with science fiction and the coming singularity.


Marked by Bender's penchant for over-the-top ensemble dance sequences with appropriate doses of humility, the show follows the pair's conversation, their arduous journey towards making the very show that is underway, a show that might just fail miserably. Along the way, audiences are treated to comical and poignant glimpses into the hearts of the entire cast, revealing the delicate nature of collaboration and what a privilege it is to make art. 



Performed by Karesia Batan, Elizabeth Bougton Bates, Abby Bender, Althea Brugman Bender, Adam Boncz , Jonathan Ciccarelli, David Covington, Charles Gushue, Richard Harrington, Cristina Jesurun, Reshma Patel, Martha Pundsack, Melissa Rudder, Emily Skillings. With text by Abby Bender and Rchard Harrington

Costumes and props by Abby Bender, Andy Dickerson, and Rebecca Sproul.

Lighting Design by Andrew Dickerson


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