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D I G  D E E P - a  l i t t l e  e x p e r i m e n t

Created by Abby Bender 

Premiered Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY - May, 2004

Dig Deep dug deep into Bender's artistic mission, forcing a hard look at the fine line between performers and spectators, questioning who is ultimately in control of the quality of the experience. The work was a comical and truthful probe into a staged audience's journey as they behold and ultimately embrace a seemingly inaccessible work of modern dance.  This multi-faceted exploration of the tensions, dependancies, and idiosyncracies implicit in the performing arts' relationship to its audiences was a finalist in Time Out NY's Dance Audiences Award.


Conceived and choreographed by Abby Bender.

Peformed by Patricia Dominguez, Jill Barnes, Josie Carbone, Jodi Reiter, Mike Andrews, Megan Demarkis, Carlo Fiorletta, Britt Lamoureux, Hilary Grubb, Danielle Loustau-Williams, Richard Harrington, Jason Jones, Kate Kaminski, Edmund Young, Crystal Willis, Kenneth Lang, Aki Shidara, Tradon Turner, Marisa Gruneberg, Lauri Berritta, Natacha Dockery, Saori Tsukada, and Tommy Wilkinson.

Film by Jill Barnes.

Original Music by Drew Heller.

Lighting Design by Brian Aldous.

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