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Granger Things
October 26, 27, 28, 29. Shows at 6:30 and 8pm

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Abby Bender and Built on Stilts team up with

Circuit Arts to deliver thrills, chills, and camp galore

this Halloween season!  Audiences of all ages are

invited to step into a new, immersive dance theater

experience where worlds collide and legends 

remain uncertain. Featuring a tasty assortment

of the island's beloved performers, and naturally,

a surprise around every corner!

Granger Things.jpeg

Conceived by Abby Bender in collaboration with Brooke Ditchfield and the performers.


Abby Bender, Hannah Burbidge, Scott Crawford, Lucy Grinnan, Laura Sargent Hall, Sheila McHugh Hazell, Emily Hewson, JP Hitesman, Scarlett and Jason Jarrell, Roberta Kirn, David Mintz, Katie Federowicz Perez, Xavier Powers, Molly Purves, Katherine Reid, Jessica Seeman, and Lagan Trieschmann. Video by Danielle Mulcahy.

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