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Z E R O S U M 

Conceived by Abby Bender and Jeremy Wilson

Premiere, Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY, May and June 2008


Zerosum's central metaphor dissected competition and the artist’s creative process. Particularly, the tacit disagreements that affect company members and their director, the relentless pursuit of an elusive muse, and the so-called distance between spectators and participants. To this point, the audience engaged in limited yet significant interplay with the performers. The piece was giddy with theatricality: bright colors, the slamming doors of bedroom farce, and a silly twist on danse macabre—all seen under the aegis of marathon-running. 


Zerosum was a playful, delightfully disorienting modern dance theater piece that incorporated storytelling, word-games, changing spaces and social drinking, a truly "immersive" theatrical experience before audiences knew the word for it.





Conceived and written by Abby Bender and Jeremy Wilson.

Choreographed and performed by Abby Bender, Rebecca Bone, Lyz Merida, Shelley Pinard, Natasha Ross, Rebecca Frank, Sarah Seely, Jonathan Ciccarelli, Katie Federowicz, Sara Edwards, Julia Peck, Justin Francavilla, Kate Kaminski, Katie O’Neill*, Reshma Patel, Ydhelca Perez, Bathsheba Squires, Tradon Turner, Marisa Gruneberg and Johnny De Arden.

Original music by Eli Orling.

Costumes and sets by Emily Taradash and Abby Bender.

Lighting Design by Brian Aldous and Andrew Dickerson.

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