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g e e g a h d o n g p e o r i a

Conceived by Abby Bender, Derek Breen, and Jeremy Wilson

Premiere, Triskelion Arts is Brooklyn, NY - May 2010



Loosely inspired by the medieval "dancing plagues,"  Geegahdongpeoria followed a landmark day-in-the-life of a fictitious people compelled to dance. This performance conjured up one of humanity’s lost tribes…lost with good reason. Portrayed by a cast of 13, this tiny nation of likeable human dodo birds swaggers blithely through fable and folk dance, while tromping over atavistic technologies and cornball Satan-worship.

Choreographed by Abby Bender in collaboration with the cast.

Performed by Katie Federowitz, Lyz Merida, Reshma Patel, Rebecca Frank, Jonathan Ciccarelli, Charles Gushue, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, Natasha Ross, Sarah Lannon, Brandon Polanco, Sara K. Edwards, Charmy Wells, and Abby Bender.

Costumes and props by Abby Bender.

Video by Derek Breen, Rebecca Frank, and Jeremy Wilson.

Script by Jeremy Wilson.

Lighting Design by Andrew Dickerson.

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