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A live, variety game show series

February, March, April , 2018 at the Oak Bluffs Public Library

April, May, June, December 2019 at the Oak Bluffs Public Library

February, 2020 at the Oak Bluffs Public Library

February, 2021 on Zoom

April, 2022 at The Cardboard Box in Oak Bluffs

February, 2023 at The PA Club in Oak Bluffs

In collaboration with her awesome cousin, Molly Coogan, Abby spearheads "Membership Down!" (a tip of the hat to the beloved adventure novel "Watership Down".) It's a series of live variety game shows that originated in collaboration with Nate Luce at the Oak Bluffs Public Library. Three contestants who vie to win cash prizes for the local charity of their choice. "Membership Down!" is free, with suggested donation, and features original interactive games with loads of goofy entertainment. Past contestants have included Alton Sterling, Sidney Morris, Sakiko Isomichi, Meredith Aldrich, Leah Crosby, Scott Hershowitz, Sara Ahren, Timothy McNerney, Rizwan Malik, Brent Alberghini, Jefferson Munroe, Holly Pretsky, Brian Dowd, Michael Barnes, Sharon Strimling, Claire Gross, Xavier Powers, Gordon Healy, Caroline Derrig, Rob Myers, Jannette Vanderhoop, Tim Dobel, Jesse Keller Jason, Andy Dickerson, Jane Loutzenhiser, Danielle Mulcahy, Brian Ditchfield, James Jennings, Hannah Burbidge, Ian Chickering, Molly Purves. Other past participants include guest performers Darby Patterson, the MV Fly Girls: Jessica Francis, Alise Hagazian, Sophie Hiller, Lizzy Kent and co., and drag queen Reina del Taco, guest judges Anna Barber and Allyson Malik among other former contestants, DJ Jordan Bullinger, and 'membershipmates' Xavier Powers, Lexi Willett, Flo Alexander, Nina Moore, Grace Hall, and Henry and Gus Coogan. Look forward to more MD coming soon!

"Membership Down!" has been supported, in part, by the Library Friends of Oak Bluffs, Pizza di Napoli at the Loft, The Barn Bowl and Bistro, The Cardboard Box, Dion's and the Martha's Vineyard Cultural Council.

Read the piece from the MV Times HERE

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