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RIZING BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ​ Breathe loudly and wake up!  This is not your ordinary haunted house. Rizing is an evening-length work of immersive storytelling and movement by Abby Bender and Jesse Jason in collaboration with the show’s cast. The performance invites audiences into an unusual house with an even more unusual history, where visitors encounter things that go bump in the night. As the characters that inhabit this strange residence share their stories, an unforgettable world of sorrow, humor, terror and treats comes to light. Performed by Abby Bender, Hannah Burbidge, Molly Coogan, Scott Crawford, Lucy Grinnan, Laura Hall, Jesse Jason, Roberta Kirn, Claire Page, Katie Perez, Xavier Powers, with guest voices by Justen Ahren, Brooke Ditchfield, Scott Hershowitz, Brian Hall, Chelsea McCarthy, Rob Myers, Niki Patton, Katherine Reid, and Cassie Tunick and video by Danielle Mulcahy

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